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Please select a location, Alternatively if you would like to have the dinner party at your own location, just inform us at the end of the form.


A  light starter designed to kick start the taste buds into action...


A well-chosen dinner party starter can set the tone for an entire meal, so it is always worth a little extra thought. This fantastic selection of dishes are just a few suggestions, to get your meal off to the right start.


A Refresher is really a palate cleanser it's like a reset button for your taste buds, intended to clear your mouth’s memory of the flavours of one course before proceeding to the next...


The Main event...


No meal is complete without dessert! If you're anything like me its the course your waiting for, everything else is Foreplay !


Please fill in your details below and we will get back to you as soon as is humanely possible to confirm the details of your request.

* We may contact you on the phone number provided to confirm the date and menu.
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