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About Us

What We Do - A private chef service in Gozo.

At Dine Gozo we specialise in private home dining and promise to deliver an unforgettable and unique gastronomic experience. We eliminate the stress of planning and preparation leading up to your event, whilst covering the cooking and serving on the day. You’re then able to sit back and relax in your own home environment to enjoy the evening. We're happy to serve the food in any type of setting that best meets your needs. We will accommodate any dietary restrictions, food allergies, cultural or spiritual requirements. Each event is tailored to you and your guests culinary preferences. We cook, teach, entertain and aim to leave your kitchen looking cleaner than we found it!
The Chef

Shaun Smith-Roberts

With more than three decades of career experience in the culinary arts, from commanding multiple positions as Head Chef for award-winning restaurants, to working on iconic television productions, Gozo based Shaun Smith-Roberts started his career with an apprenticeship in the Royal Air Force. Working for the British Royal Family and attending the needs of British and foreign dignitaries whilst they travelled around the world.

Shaun gained invaluable experience and knowledge of food cultures far and wide. Whilst tending to the needs of the likes of HM Queen Elizabeth, HRH Princess Diana, HRH Prince Charles and HRH King Hussein of Jordan, as well as many others.

As a young member of the Queens Colour Squadron, constant travel and exposure to new food cultures ensured his thirst for new dishes & experience was readily quenched & embedded a lifelong, continual relationship in the world of Gastronomy & Culture.

After completion of his military service, a term as Sous Chef at the renowned Ménage à Trois in Knightsbridge, London, ensured his commitment to designing eclectic menus was firmly cemented in his culinary interest.

A further term at a Michelin starred restaurant in London as Head Chef enabled Shaun to recognise his culinary identity and set him off on his own chosen path.

Working with one of his culinary idols, Ian MacAndrew, Shaun was able to branch out into culinary media and content creation. Assisting him as his Head Chef, Shaun also helped Ian on his iconic book 'A Feast of Fish' whilst concurrently working with the TV icon Keith Floyd.

The legendary TV Chef & personality Keith Floyd entrusted Shaun with assisting him on his upcoming TV series which led Shaun into a career and education in television production.

It was Shaun's involvement with the popular TV series & bestselling book 'Floyd around the Med' that led Shaun to the realisation that his familial Maltese heritage was his way forward and a move to the Maltese Archipelago ensued.

It is this wealth of experience in fine dining and culinary media that led Shaun to the beautiful island of Gozo and eventually to be able to offer the services of Dine Gozo.

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Dine Gozo is a trading arm of Culinary Media Ltd, a Maltese registered Company. Registration No: C80734

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